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This is a blog for guys in diapers. It is always ok to submit pictures, just click submit below; it can be of anything but keep in mind if it isn't diaper related it might not go up, and if you just want to share but not post, let me know when you submit. I do not own all pictures, if you see yours and want it taken down, send a message with the URL of the picture, if you don't know how to send it in a message, figure it out.... I'm not gonna search for any without the full URL
diaper me like this please

diaper me like this please

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    Bis auf das Abführzäpfchen ist das genau die Sache, wie ich mir meine Aufbewahrung in der Nacht vorstelle. Damit ich am...
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    Of course morning doesn’t mean you’ll be changed. A diaper that thick should last much longer than that. We can try the...
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    After making you drink 20 ounces of water and sticking two suppositories up your ass, he put you down for your nap.
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